Chevron House

by gimmegoodstyle

Working on space is like working with windy people. Sometimes they’re great, but there are a lot of possibilities that they can be monsters. And they turn to be one after sometimes.

That doesn’t mean you can just walk away from those people.

Space functionality is important in architecture and interior design, and so far this place designed by Andy Martin Architects is the perfect example of space manipulation. I know some of you might say that this house probably large enough to begin with, so the architects didn’t have to work too much to attract it’s greatest potential.

Well, well, don’t be too naive. The architects, in fact, have to remove most of the walls to create a large Edwardian warehouse on each level (there are 3 levels by the way, imagine removing walls three times in a row), which is not an easy job I guess. The colors of the furnitures also bring out the sense of minimalism, homey and elegant. Perfect for a simple 4 people family or newly wed richy.

Don’t we just love some class ?

If you’re interested, better go to suburb are of West London. Pray to God that the Chevron is still on the market. And, if it’s not, pray harder.

Taken from Contemporist

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