Jean Paul Gaultier Couture Spring 2013

by gimmegoodstyle

The French bad-boy in fashion, Jean Paul Gaultier, is currently inspired by… India and Life of Pi (which is just amazing, by the way).

It’s quite a humble choice for a Haute Couture designer. But, I did expect something simpler, like umm…  simple red dress with the shape of shari (google it !) or maybe some tanned models walking down the runway.

Bare feet.

Life of Pi, right ?

Well, I was wrong and, well, everyone’s wrong because the show is everything but humble.


It’s a parade of colors, off the shoulder dresses, rich details and gypsy-related patchwork and fringe. The presentation was vulgar. I have to admit it. JPG show is always like a sexy bomb in the middle of Paris’s elegant atmosphere, but it was good because everyone needs some levels of sexiness to live.

The dresses are… brave, but far more wearable than past collections. The classic cone bras also make a comeback !

Briefly, but enough to make Madonna thrilled because now she knows everyone still remembers her.

(Who doesn’t ?)

Anyway, I can’t really see India in this collection, more like modern, Eastern-inspired collection. Until the last dress came out with children hidden in it. Indian children. Very straight-to-the-point dress.

Low blow ?

Probably not because we never expect something hidden under the dress, don’t we ?

Vulgar show, rich colors and patterns and exquisite skills at tailoring, draping, etc, etc . But, so not India or Life of Pi.

What do you think ?

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