Oh, Milano Color Blocking !

by gimmegoodstyle

Pants are good.

Black pants ? Cool.

Colorful pants ? What ? Really ? Are you sure you’re going to wear that ? You know, the tops isn’t good enough. They will make fun of you. You look like a runaway clown.

Blah blah blah…

Okaaayyy, enough with the shouts gurls ! Time to play with some colors because it’s just too fun to miss. Color blocking sounds awful for the first time, yes. When you’re used to it, you can look like some stupid clowns who just escaped from nearest circus. Or zoo.

No way ! Nightmare….

Well, one tip for you; just wear it with pride and read a lot of magazines which have color blocking spread in it. And read fashion blogs. We like to talk about colors. A lot. Everyday, all the time.

Anyway, this picture really stylish and, somehow, colorful but not that colorful, you know (I know, I am making your heads spinning right now. But, I can’t find a perfect words to describe this). A good example for this post.

Looks like this is the first time she used color blocking and wants to go slow with cool colorful pants.

Just perfect.

(One thing to be noticed is, she is probably a part-time model -or junior editor ? intern at fashion magazines ?- who is a pro at styling and.. color blocking. Duh !)

Taken from Jak and Jil

milan jakandjil.com