On the Carpet : Ah, Hello Miss Vogue !

by gimmegoodstyle

Now, now, looks like Vogue -at least, British Vogue– decided to get some surgery in order to get… younger.

Yes, people, say hello to younger version of the fashion bible; Miss Vogue.

The younger version of the magazine will ‘speak directly to young women who love experimenting with fashion and beauty.’

We totally get that. Another market to earn and another fashion realm to conquer.

Well, there is no doubt that this Missy Vogue will be the new ‘it’ magazine, considering the fact that Alexandra Shulman (British Vogue editor herself) and her team will be the ones responsible for it then… I am sure it will be great !

The new magazine will be published nationwide (probably in UK first, but you know, we just have to wait for more ‘digitalized’ version) alongside British Vogue June Issue. Double package. No additional price.

Can’t wait to read it.

See you this summer Miss !