On the Carpet : Ann and Kate

by gimmegoodstyle

Celebs love collaboration and Kate Hudson is no exception.

After working wit American fashion label, Ann Taylor, for 3 seasons, Kate decided to do some designing and making some clothes which represent her red carpet style in humbler way. Very Kate Moss attitude, right ?

Kate told Vogue UK that;

“Working with Ann Taylor has been a great creative experience and there is a really wonderful connection, putting these outfits together has been incredibly fun – they have such youthful energy and flair.”

One thing that Kate has to remember is not all collaborations ended up in Vogue, some of them can be serious public jokes. Like Lindsay Lohan. Ugh, still have nightmares about walking down the runway with those love nipple-covers and seeing LiLo fake a tear backstage.


Anyway, good luck Hudson and don’t forget to check Ann Taylor’s store on May, when the collection is already launched.