Beanie + Coat = Maximum Cuteness ?

by gimmegoodstyle

milan beanie and coat

Simple fashion mathematic formula that need to be proofed.

Are beanie and double button coat really work together ? Or they’ll make you look like a freezing kid, buried under piles of clothes like homeless ?

Well, I think beanie is really cute when it comes together with coat. At least, you have to choose the length of the coat, the size and the color. It has to perfectly fit your body and looks like Chanel. Just kidding. Simple, double button coat will work.

Well, try to use some necklaces like Anna Wintour or Sarah Jessica Parker, so you’ll look more like fashionista than security guard. And do something with your pants, maybe tribal pants or color blocking (see my post about it) because when you’re wearing a long coat or medium-long coat, the only thing people can freely see are your shoes and pants.

About shoes, boots or studded sneakers sounds like fun, totally worth a try.

For beanie, well, well, a plain, wool beanie will be great. Maybe red, grey or black wool ? Or, if you’re a brave girl, choose bright, bold colors like yellow or shocking pink. People will loveee your head.

Anyway, just wear something you’re really sure about, but don’t afraid to take some risks and have fun !

Taken from The Sartorialist