Miami Diary

by gimmegoodstyle

Who says that every part in the world is freezing in these early months ?

Well, who ever said something like that must haven’t learned geography yet or flunked at the subject. Face it northern people, we have one of the best seasons in the world. No heavy snows or leaves falling down from your trees right onto your garden and litter everything.


We have all-year summer which is quite boring and, honestly, bad for skin, but still marvelous to talk about. And garden party is a simple occasion to be held. No need to predict the weather or buy a super-big tent in case of party-emergency. Hehe.

But, I heard there are some parts in the U.S that have similar weather with ours. With more winds and less pollution, plus they serve really good cocktails.

I guess…. Miami ?

Taken from Garance Dore; Youtube