Haute Couture Street

by gimmegoodstyle

The best street style can always be found between fashion weeks. And Haute Couture week is no exception, even though the amount of street style-litas aren’t as much as in ready-to-wear weeks. You might be thinking; what can you do with snow on the street and icy weather to heal ? Street stylers are a bunch of poor fashion victims…

Well, honestly, you can do quite a lot.

Some street stylers really make some good combinations with the coat, pairing them with cute dresses, metallic heels, and super edgy stockings (ala Rachel Berry). A little wind between your legs isn’t as important as your photo in fashion magazines all over the world.

And thanks to British Vogue, I have a list of best-dresses street styler during Haute Couture Spring 2013 week. There are a lot of beanies and coats (of course !) and I can still see some vintage stuffs being used. Probably, not as vintage as it seems.

There are furs too ! Coat, dress, scarf. Pretty much more beautiful than last year. And I can only hope it will always be !

Taken from Vogue UK

ulyana sergeenko, designer