On the Carpet : Adele, Where Are Thou ?

by gimmegoodstyle

adele best original song for a motion picture

Adele is one of the brightest stars in the world right now. She just won six Grammy Awards in different nominations, and this months she just brought home a new golden friend called Golden Globe for her song for Skyfall movie (Yes, you know it, and you love it). Not to mention that she rented a beautiful, expensive, and elite house in Beverly Hills, befriend with some of the most exclusive celebs and people you can only imagine. And her first son birth is just as perfect as it looks. Source told that she is very happy and wants to enjoy (the baby). Okay, we know that.

But, where is the queen ? After lots and lots of prestations she should be proud and all smiley on the cover of every magazines and tabloids in the world, talking about her life and her son. Yeah, things like that *yawn*. But in reality, she keeps the doors shut and no news from her nor her publisher. Looks like someone trying to hide herself from the world. We, little gossipers, have to open our eyes and ears very wide to know something, anything, from her.

Well, she is not the only one who do these things. Michael Jackson, when he was alive, did the same thing for his children. Gone to anonymous. Like nothing happened in the world that they care about. Anyway, it just a matter of time until her real son’s name announced and we will probably hear her talk about it on her new, hotly anticipated third album. Some ‘close’ sources told that she has written some songs and will head to the studio this week. Hmm, to meet Paul Epworth ? Her loyal partner and British songwriter, who did Rolling in The Deep with her last year (and also some other songs in her 21 album, which shot Adele beyond fame).

Well, I can’t wait to hear her new songs !

Anyway, it’s official that Adele hates her father, Mark Evans, after he divorced his wife (Adele’s mom) and become an alcoholic. Well, looks like he is trying to make reconciliation with her. Telling some medias that he has been calling Adele, sending Christmas and birthday cards and will do anything to meet his newly-born grandson.

I understand that Adele has a really really wounded heart when it comes to her father. But, Karma does exist, better be prepared than feeling it’s bitchiness. Careful Adele.

Uhm, looks like the British Queen (what an ironic title !) still doesn’t want to clear some things out and it’s okay. It’s her privacy and rights to do that or everything she wants as long as it’s legal (well, better if it’s illegal so we can talk and talk and talk about it. Hehe). We, little gossipers, can only speculate and wait patiently for some juicy news.