On the Carpet : Swift and Coke

by gimmegoodstyle

Well, Taylor Swift and Diet Coke look a bit un-matched, but who cares about matching brands when you have billion dollars deal to sign ?

Ms. Swift after breaking up with Harry Styles, decided to go ahead and take a chance to become Diet Coke brand ambassador. The pop star will be on the tv, print and brochures, telling the world how much she loves Diet Coke. Coca Cola told some magazines that they’re looking for ‘long-term partnership’ with Ms. Swift.

Good for Swift because she is definitely not known for long-term relationship, we can just wish that she has different fate in partnership. Anyway, this is seriously an exciting project, and I wonder, will it be a ‘win-win’ for Coca Cola and Taylor Swift ? Or just another relation ship ending up in shame ?

Well, you must’ve already known who is the troubled one, Taylor !