On the Carpet : Alicia Gets BlackBerry ?

by gimmegoodstyle

Alicia Keys is making a comeback ! Not only in music, but also in her advertising career. And nothing promise bigger chance than BlackBerry -iPhone is soo mainstream, right ?

It looks a bit strange for Keys to team up with BlackBerry (or RIM) to advertise their latest smartphone, BlackBerry 10,  because I thought she would make some appointments with fashion houses like any actress and singer you can imagine, and voila ! She’ll be the new fashionista. Again.

Looks like Keys like to play with gadget than clothes. Anyway, if she thinks that her partnership will end up marvelously and glamorously. Well, definitely doubt that. All eyes are in BlackBerry 10, yes, but I heard the launching event wasn’t very good. The investors aren’t happy with the waiting and it turns out, BlackBerry 10 isn’t as good as it expected. Another problem to add, Alicia is seen tweeting from her iPhone just a couple of days before and this is really confusing; is she seriously love the BlackBerry 10 ?

Well, it turns out the pop singer needs some time to adjust and change her iPhone-habit to BlackBerry-habit. And, we all know it takes a whole lot of time.

Careful Alicia, most of the investors won’t smile at you after hearing the news. Same case with your career.

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