On the Carpet : Beyonce’s Super Bowl Outfit Drama-O-Rama

by gimmegoodstyle

Fashion and PETA is not a really good match, but I never thought that Beyonce, fashion and PETA can be much more than enemies.

More like a chaos.

Looks like Beyonce’s Super Bowl outfit that made of python skins, panelled iguana and a lot of leather made PETA nuts and go all words on Beyonce. They said that Bey fashion choice miss the ‘humane vegan option‘ and if Bey has seen their video, she won’t wear anything from animals again.

(I haven’t seen the video by the way, is it that bad ?)

Well, I don’t think her fans really have a problem with the outfit, from the rumors that I’ve heard, Bey album sky-rocketed into 230 percents, not to mention the applauses and thousands of medias recording her performance on Super Bowl and Obama’s inauguration.

Better luck next time PETA. And I guess Bey will choose something less-leathery from now.