Geek of the Day : Sarah Lee

by gimmegoodstyle

What’re you doing in your holidays ? Watching TV, read a good book, staring blankly in the middle of Central Park or making up with you boyfriend/girlfriend ?

No judgement because I do all those stuffs in my holidays.

All the time.

Hawaii-based photographer Sarah Lee, successfully snapped a few epic photos underwater with surfers, swimmers and some lousy tourists in her holiday, making me look like a lazy cow trying to eat as much as possible before another Doomsday takes place.

I don’t know how she doest it, the shoots don’t look like tourist-like, they look like perfectly professional, dramatic and amazingly beautiful. I love the way the waves crash in the pictures, creating perfect puffy clouds-like. Not to mention the people, the lightning and all those minor details that help create the shoots.

Perfect !

It’s no wonder she received a lot of awards and praises for her works (she is a wedding photographer too). She is a natural-born photographer. No need to use too much technology or Adobe, just her and her camera. Don’t forget the magic dust called imagination.

Taken from My Modern Met

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