Edgeland Residence

by gimmegoodstyle

The name sounds a bit fictional and strange to my ears, but that’s okay !

The truth is, it is a sci-fi look alike house, with technology like ‘integrated hydronic HVAC system’ and how the house gains benefit from the earth mass, making it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter (don’t ask me how they do that thing). Not to mention the energy efficiency concept blah blah blah…

Soo much for a ‘simple home for two’ concept, huh ?

Designed by Bercy Chen Studio, the Edgeland Residence located on the shores of the Colorado River, protected by green roofs with a 7 foot excavation. The architects told everyone that the design is aimed to save as much energy as possible, making it one of those so-called ‘green’ houses.

The only funny thing is the futuristic shape of the residence. Imagine if you’re having a tea party and people ask you what your house looks like;

‘Well, my house looks like a fallen cake with germs-like grass sticking out from the roofs.’

Just kidding.

Taken from Contemporist

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