STYLE Loves : Jeweled Beanie

by gimmegoodstyle

jeweled beanie

It’s been a while since my last post in this category. And I feel a bot guilty because I want to talk about beanie. Again ! I think this is the third time. Hmm, I know you may be get bored, but this time it’s different. The beanie becomes even cuter because this is not another normal beanie.

This is a jeweled beanie.

Surprised ?

Well, actually this is just another beanie, but if you have enough time and skills (which are crucial in DIY world), then you can go to the nearest fabric store (like MOOD or grocery stores for designers, things like that), buy some fake jewelries (I prefer the big and colorful ones, small ones are okay, but less ‘glittery’), and very strong glue.

Next step ?

Just glue those jewels slowly and tidily on your beanie. You have to be careful with the glue though, it can makes you feel like Spiderman, without those skinny costume (Thanks heavens !).

Anyway, this is just a normal logical instruction according to me, if you want to read/watch the professional ones better go youtube-ing or googling. Remember; don’t think too hard !

Taken from Garance Dore