Creatures of the Wind Fall 2013

by gimmegoodstyle

There’s a phase in every major fashion houses, where you need to choose wether stay loyal to your own aesthetic in making clothes or follow the majority or what normal people like to wear daily.

If you stick to your own aesthetic, then you are taking risk of some clothes left un-wearable, which is bad in business side. But, if you follow the majority style then you’re the same. Nothing special.

Creatures of the Wind seems to be making their choice. They’re making this collection called Candy, which is centered around graffiti painted t-shirts (thanks to an artist friend, Aline Cautis) and lines of shiny, tiny Swarovsky crystals (newly developed !) and based on vinyl and poly film materials (which are different because most people will go for leather).

The collection is sporty yet artistic, quite wearable. I think rather than choosing one of those hard choices, it’s better if you go for the middle, where people can see that you’re different, but still want to be in one of your designs. It’s a hard thing to do, of course. But, looks like Shane Gabier and Chris Peters have done their job and choice greatly.

Congratulations !

Taken from Style