On the Carpet : Happy Chinese New Year From Céline Dion

by gimmegoodstyle

Okay, I am celebrating the lunar year too, but Céline Dion beat my celebration by appearing in China’s CCTV New Year Gala. Performing a Chinese song called Mo Li Hua, literally Jasmine Flower, and she sang in almost perfect Mandarin, before sang her classic ballad, My Heart Will Go On.

Quite predictable except the Mandarin part.

Umm, crazy right ?

I can’t even speak Mandarin even though I am a Chinese.

This is unfair.

Anyway, she performed with Song Zuying and they really killed the song. Even though some of the fans call the performance ‘a mess’ and slightly different from her usual performance (of course ! She doesn’t sing in Mandarin all the time !). Well, I do think it’s a good performance. Yes, their voices sound a bit weird together and jazzy-like melodies in traditional Chinese song sounds like an outsider. That’s okay.

It’s a good thing for Dion to be able to try something new and hard to do. She is a total pro !

Happy Chinese New Year, readers !