Asian Lady

by gimmegoodstyle


It’s hard for me to define what Asian style really is.

It’s more than sweet, preppy style or floral dresses nor it’s only about small brown eyes and high stockings like you usually see in students’ uniforms.

Is it about the smile Asian always give ? I don’t think so.

From time to time, I wonder what defines Asian style and slowly I am beginning to realize; Do we (Asians) have style at all ? Are we, probably, don’t care enough about fashion so we begin to forget how to dress greatly ? Are our love to fashion is not enough ?

(Those metaphysics questions making my head hurts) (I hope they don’t make your head hurts too)

(Is it about culture ? people ? attitudes ?)

But, thanks Heavens, now I realize that Asian style is centered around appreciation to women’s bodies in slightly different ways than Westerners.We tend to appreciate the beauty of women (or men) bodies by covering them and let our lovers become the only ones who see it, not showing it off in public.

That’s why simple, polite clothes and day dresses become part of our style until it slowly defines us as Asians.

Anyway, that doesn’t make us as stylish as bears who are in hibernation. Nope.

We’re stylish enough to make it into global world and now, our only problem is to keep our culture while Westerners are slowly changing it (I am not blaming the West side). It is great to see Asians dressing up stylishly while still polite enough to cover their bodies like in the old days.

(But, truth to be told, I like Western fashion waaayyyyy much more)

Taken from Park and Cube