Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2013

by gimmegoodstyle

After making a chaos in fashion week’s schedule (delaying his Marc Jacobs show until Thursday, ruining his Monday night tradition), Marc Jacobs made us breath slowly for a while by offering his MxM (aka Marc by Marc Jacobs) (I am too lazy to type the whole name) show first.

A secondary line for younger consumers, it’s like an appetizer before the main menu.

Strangely, I really full by eating this appetizer only. The show is a complete package. The girls look sexy with pencil skirt, 70s vibe, and feminine dresses with lovely vintage floral patterns. I can easily imagine they’re coming straight from Friends. Sexy, smart, and funny.

The show is far different than usual. MxM should be all young and colorful, but it’s getting older (even though it still looks good). But, the theme isn’t that different. Marc is playing with eras and decades in his last shows, last season he brought 60s vibes with Twiggy as inspiration, now he gives 70s influences. Next, maybe 80s or Back in the Future ?

Who knows ? One thing for sure, Marc is very very surprising.

Hope his main menu is more delicious than this one.

(And he still has Louis Vuitton show in his magic pocket !)

(I can’t waaiiitttt…..)

Taken from Style