Rodarte Fall 2013

by gimmegoodstyle

Truth to be told, I am really late at reviewing and choosing which shows I am gonna post on my blog. I don’t even realize that one of my most favorite brands is already finished the show and people are talking about it on Twitter (my friends keep asking me what I think and I can only said ‘It’s fine’, even though I don’t really understand what they’re talking about).

Man, I feel dumb.


I feel more than dumb, actually, I feel out-of-date.


Anyway, Rodarte’s show is eccentric as usual, but I like it. I like the way Mulleavy sisters take it back to their hometown, Santa Cruz, and use their imaginations to create something entirely new yet feel familiar about the town.

The collection is about the fond memories they have about their childhoods. And I guess those memories involved ruffles, acid-wash silk, roses, and abstract colors formations. What a childhood !

One thing that really disappoints me about the show is there are some clothes that look ‘too heavy’. You know, like those pile of clothes that you wear in cold days and make you feel -and look- like a mini polar bear. Well, I hate those clothes sometimes. Not sexy or elegant enough for my style especially for fashion week (Pfff, I sound like a cocky buyer).

But, overall, this show really represents who Mulleavys are and what Rodarte is about. Everything looks personal and cool, yet wearable (most of the clothes, at least). I don’t think they should change their designs and follow what others have done. They’re definitely making their own track and I am really cool about that.

Taken from Style