Netherlands Dental Clinic

by gimmegoodstyle

My relationship with dental clinics resolve around mental floss and some screaming (seriously).

Who doesn’t scream in dental clinic ?

The sound of (mini) chainsaw machine hitting onto your teeth is enough to scare me to death.

Dental clinic’s classic white designs also responsible for making patients feel terror and insecurity. Thanks Heaven, there is a clinic in Netherlands, who finally gain it’s senses by re-designing the rooms from classic white to modern clean with more relaxing atmosphere.

Designed by Shift Architecture + Urbanism, the clinic looks clean and minimalist, dominated by glasses which overlooking to the beautiful green garden, completed with bright orange wall which gives fun and creative vibes in the room, don’t forget to give praises to roof light that will make you relate to the outside. Very modern.

The designs might not help too much in reducing the pain, but at least we have something beautiful to look at and remember when we face the crazy, villain doctor with their glasses and mini chain shaw.

Open your mouth, pleasee….

Taken from Fresh Home