Oscar de la Renta Fall 2013

by gimmegoodstyle

Oscar de la Renta made it into headlines a few weeks ago because of John Galliano, who somehow managed to find a way to stay at his studio. This was a big surprise and people are still hoping that he’ll make an extraordinary moves, maybe by taking a bow at Oscar de la Renta’s show.

Unfortunately , he did not.

But, thanks to curious photographers and bloggers, it’s confirmed that John indeed helped creating the show. He was even in the backstage. The proves are the starting numbers, the jackets, surprisingly, show Galliano’s Parisian touches. Even though the signs are slowly disappeared, covered by Oscar’s genius creations and amazing collection.

There are some up and downs in the collection though. I get excited when I see evening wears and floral dresses, but I get a bit bored because the same jackets (black ones not Galliano’s) and same black shirt-dresses. I know that he is an experienced designer and he has his own attitude, but I am hoping a more surprising, thrilling, blood pumping show.

But, I like his sweet designs, and clean, minimalism silouhette Oscar always give. Somehow, it feels like you can be a glamorous woman only by wearing (or buying) his designs. This is the power of de la Renta and we all respect it.

Including you Galliano.

Anyway, Oscar will celebrate his 50th anniversary in fashion world a few weeks from now and I hope John Galliano will make some moves that’ll surprise us all. You know you love him.

Taken from Style