Marc Jacobs Fall 2013

by gimmegoodstyle

After making the whole fashion lovers curious by delaying his show (aha, he canceled the slot because of delivery problem!), he also made some restrictions (no flash, etc,etc), making the mystery even bigger and juicier. What would his show look like ?

The answer is finally here ! Marc Jacobs used a yellow miniature ‘sun’ to be the background of the stage, making the whole room looks like a perfect set for black and white movie or 50 Shades of Grey’s movie set. The collection looks more ‘grey’ than black and white, with very short pants and sexy dresses. There was even a model strutting down the runway without tops or bra, just her hands covering her breasts and trying to look fierce.

Okay, she did look fierce.

I guess, the theme of the collection isn’t ‘grey’, but 50 Shades of Grey.

Sexy, dangerous, cold, a bit fetish in the air because of those velvets and glitters.

(just my instinct) (and my instincts are usually wrong)

Fur is included in the collection too, who doesn’t include fur for fall collection ?

(Ah, Stella is in London, she is waaayyy out of topic, right ?)

Simple fur scarves that look just right on the models’ skinny neck (they even have a skinny neck !), I guess Anna Wintour will definitely love the scarves. Well, I always love watching Marc Jacobs collection and this show is no exception. There are some looks that look too old though, like glittery baggy pants. Seriously, glittery pants ? Very Elvis.

Overall, this is one of those dramatic shows, when I feel like;

Okay, that is hard to absorb. Let’s go to cafe and talk abut it with clear mind. 

Taken from Style

marc jacobs fall 2013