Peter Turnley

by gimmegoodstyle

Even though he is best known for his war photos and photojournalism, Peter Turnley shows us beautiful images of something really different than hatred…it’s actually the opposite of hate, it’s love.

And what is the better set to shoot lovers than the City of Lights itself ?

Parisians really have no shyness when they show their love, which is quite refreshing because we, Indonesians, are quite strict when it comes to PDA and love whatsoever.

There is nothing much to say about the shoots. They’re lovely (I know, what a limited choice of words), I like the way Peter shoots them like photos for mere newspaper yet they feel really artistic, really show me how to … love.

And the best thing is; he didn’t forget to include gays. They deserve to love as much as all of us do.

Bravo !

(What is the french for Bravo/Great/Perfect ?)

(I don’t trust Google Translate)

Taken from My Modern Met