Ah, Rainy London. Again

by gimmegoodstyle

So, time to say good bye to New York and lets head to London. ASAP. One problem; London is always cloudy and raining and cold. What are we supposed to wear ?

Rain coat ? Big black umbrella ? They will ruin my designers outfits and very not sexy. Ugh.

Fear not fellas. Let’s make things straight.

First, London isn’t always raining, there are some real times when it’s all shiny and sunny. Don’t make such stigmas before you feel the actual weather (which is probably raining, but you can always pray). Second, You don’t want to wear mere black umbrellas ? Oh, wear other colors then.

Only New Yorkers that have only big, black umbrellas in their lockers. Open your mind and buy something different. There are a lot of choices in the world of Umbrella.

Let me give you a guiding word dear; colors !

Rainbow umbrellas look a bit childish, but you can’t deny that they’re fun to wear. And, if this grandpa can pull it off, I believe you can do the same. In case you can’t… No. Don’t tell me, just don’t. I don’t believe in such reality.

Happy Fashion Week-ing Londoners !

Taken from Streetfsn

streetfsn.blogspot.com grandpa