STYLE Loves : Old Costumes

by gimmegoodstyle

Fashion week is indeed about something new.

New clothes, new designers, new trends, new photographers, new models, new ‘it’ girls, new stages. But, can we slow down a minute and enjoy something… hold your breath…. old.

Okay, okay, I’ll say it in fashion’s language; vintage.

I am not talking about vintage dresses or clothes models always wear and pose with. They’re new vintage. I am referring to decades ago vintage, something really old yet feel timeless to our skins and minds. I am talking about costumes in old movies to be exact.

Even though they’re made by costume designers which are probably following todays’ trends, those costumes make a good reference to what people wore at those ages. There are historical morals on those costumes.

And here are some of the best old-vintage costumes I’ve ever seen:

Taken from Dazed Digital

P.S : What do you choose ? Moulin Rogue or classic Romeo and Juliet ?

romeo and juliet romeo and juliet, 1996 moulin rogue nicole kidman, 2002 dazed digital