Boo Yeah !

by gimmegoodstyle

jakandjil florence

It’s hard to spot some emotions from fashionistas. Male or female.

They look very calm and, even though they do smile for photographers, I never see a real big smile. Like spontaneous reaction, things we do with our friends and families. I think the pressure of keeping your image clean and cool is too big in fashion world. And I hate to say this, but the pressure is spreading to the bloggers too.

What is wrong with showing some really big laughs or snorts ? It’s not polite, I agree. But, that’s fun, and fashion is also about fun and spontaneity. People begin to see fashion as bling bling and glamorous dresses and parties, where models come and (there !) smirk some smiles and walk away into a secret society of champagne and oysters (do models eat oysters ?). Pff, we are more than that, aren’t we ?

Anyway, good thing there are some people, who want to put their beauty mask away (involving a lot of Maybelline eye lashes and Shu Uemura lotions), and show some real, warm and familiar laughter.

Ah, welcome Spring !

Taken from Jak and Jil