STYLE Loves : Map Print

by gimmegoodstyle

What’s cooler than floral prints ? The answer is map prints.

Seriously, I mean, it does make you look like a geography freak. But, that’s worth it because at the same time, you also look unique and fun. Who doesn’t like to stare at your clothes when you’re, let’s say, queque-ing for lunch or waiting for the buss.

Voila ! You’ve made yourself a walking atlas and people’ll love it !

It’s not only me who think Map Print is enchanting. Carven do. They even made a Map Prints in one of their collection, which we all know, it’s major. Okay, who else ? Hmm, Dolce and Gabbana do, eh… The one and only British most famous blogger, Susie Bubble.

P.S : One more advantage, you won’t get your lost in your way. Just look at your subway-map skirt.

Taken from Style Bubble

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