The Wedding

by gimmegoodstyle

I am more than happy to announce that finally, my talented Uncle Alvin from Melbourne decides to marry his equally talented and sweet (serious, she looks like Indonesian version of Taylor Swift…Okay, shorter with black hair) girlfriend, Irrene.

Yeay ! Congratulations !

The wedding will be held on July in Bali at Ayana Resort, you can crush the party, but you’ve to scream my blog’s name out LOUD. Just kidding.

Anyway, to you guys who haven’t known the bride and groom, I’ll tell you a thing or two. First, they’re the kindest, funniest, most polite persons I’ve ever met and I am lucky to have them both in the family. Two, they have this design agency called Relab Studios. Very creative, hard workers, and inspiring. Sorry boys and girls, they’re already off limits.

Well, I don’t have to wish them to have kids as beautiful as Kate Moss or as talented as Alexander McQueen. Nope. I wish that they will be happy, and always smiling, and never afraid to try something new and exciting. And never, ever, ever give up.

Marriage is proven to be hard and cost a lot of sacrifices, it brings our darkest sides and hardest time. It makes us a totally different person. But, don’t try to walk away dear, you’ll find out in the very end that marriage is truly…. beautiful.

It worths it.