Meadham Kirchhoff Fall 2013

by gimmegoodstyle

London is in different mood than usual, everything seems darker and lonelier -it’s not lonely enough in it’s usual mood. Designers respond to the atmosphere and create something… darker, less colorful and colder than usual. Including those who supposed to have great colorful collections. Meadham Kirchhoff is no exception.

This season, they dropped all those strange accessories and laces and put something leathery and ‘bad boys’. The collection is a delight to see. I simply love all those details, styling, and how the clothes look very couture yet wearable (Meadham specialty).

Meadham played with black and white like other designers did this season and it makes me wonder; What the hell is happening ?  I love when designers did a lot of colors and crazy patterns, but this season, they look like they’re tired and slowing their speeds, making a simple collection because they’re too busy recovering their creativities.

Hmm, hope those colors and crazy, beautiful moments will return in no time. Well, good collection Meadham Kirchhoff, just like what we all expect.

I am sure artistic, fashionable people will love this brand.

Taken from Style