What You Can’t Leave At Home

by gimmegoodstyle

I need my friends help to do this post because I am not sure am I writing the truth because I am not a girl. No matter how close I am to be one. Nope. There are things i don’t understand about girls. It’s like they need hundreds and hundreds of check lists before they leave their homes and when they’re finally out, they’re still wandering about what they’ve left at home. Totally annoying. Hate it, hate it, hate it.

If you think (guys, I am talking to you) you’re dealing with the same thing and (even worse) your girlfriend/wife is working at fashion industry. Well, get ready for some bumpy rides through women-hell because they’re going to go NUTS these weeks.

Fashion weeks are heating up in Europe and all people in fashion are readying their faces, bodies, and minds to be captured, interviewed, praised, and touched by photographers, it girls, designers, models, bloggers, fashion icons, etc, etc. Imagine all the pressures, guys. If you’re done calculating the pressures with simple-men-logics, then times 10 and you’ll understand (or maybe don’t, but just keep your mouth shut). It’s like they’re having their fashion-periods. Dangerously tired and have a low self esteem nights after facing those beautiful models and editors backstage.

Hmm, every normal woman feels ugly around them.

That’s why I am doing this post. I have two things that I think women shouldn’t leave home without. If they want to get their pictures taken and meet glamorous fashion-goddesses.

Un-wrinkle Pad

There’s some magics in the words of un-wrinkle. A pad that can hide your aging proves and give your skin-glow back ? What’s more magical than that ? Anyway, camera makes image sharper than what it should be, including all those tiny wrinkles you thought you had hidden them well underneath heavy make ups. Time to get some un-wrinkle pads.

peter thomas roth un-wrinkle peel pads the-coveted.com


Seriously, don’t tell me you’re going out without spraying something good around your body. It’s fashion week ! You have to run from one show to another and  the traffic is crazier than usual. Sweat is definitely unbearable at some levels. Keep your self esteem (and body odor !) up like a teenager with beautiful and sophisticated smell. And, be honest, can you stand your own smell after running from one grand-blah-something-blah-palace to another something-someone-blah-blah-blah-venue ?

balmain-ambre-gris garancedore.fr

Anyway, fashion week (or fashion in general) is not only about how your face look (wrinkle free or not) or how you smell (good or bad…hopefully good). It’s about how you enjoy the clothes and, okay cliche alert, just smile ! Remember beauty is hidden in the heart.

Inner beauty ? Rock (Same case with un-wrinkle pad and Balmain perfume)