Biking And All Those Sports

by gimmegoodstyle

I am not the biggest sports’ fan. To be honest, I hate all kinds of sports maybe because I don’t have enough coordination needed to move my feet and hands at the right time and moment. I end up staring in the middle of the field, trying to figure out where to run next and people are all screaming around me.

Ah, stupid moment…

Anyway, I was a naive when I thought fashion has nothing to with sports, seriously, do you really think models go to the gym all the time to build some muscles (euhh) ? I don’t think so. Well, in fact, fashion connects with everything because it’s really flexible. You can become anything in fashion, especially if you’re a designer or stylist, and athlete is no exception.

People like to dress like they’re doing sports for living and even though I don’t like the style very much (read the first paragraph), I’ve to admit they look kinda cool when they wear simple sweater and riding a really cute bike (it’s trending a few seasons ago !).

Maybe I should learn how to ride a bike (yeah, don’t know how to do it)(I am an outdoor-sucker)

Taken from Jak and Jil

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