Prada Fall 2013

by gimmegoodstyle

Prada show is always different from me than other shows. It’s just… I can sense the luxury, the style, the class, the artistic sides of the clothes. Everything seems so clear and glamorous, there’s no terms like ‘chic’ or ‘edgy’.

Pff, who needs edgy when you have a crocodile jacket and asymmetric skirt decorated with shiny emblems (flower emblems?) ? This is Prada and this season is no different.

Prada brought everyone and everything backs from the past for this show. From the models (ah, Kirsten Owen, Liisa Winkler, and Esther de Jong, long time no see ladies !) and some of the clothes, oh and the shoes. They’re all look familiar. The show was like a huge, dark time machine. Nostalgic but different at the same time. Memories aside, the clothes look very…. high street and vintage. I like the simplicity of the patterns and the clothes, but there are some twists here and there. Like fur gloves ? They’re even weirder and out-of-place than Wang’s boxing gloves. No comment.

Overall, this is a really good show. Very high street. Very luxurious. I am glad to see some old items making re-appearance in different style, it’s like; Oh, I’ve seen those shoes ! And those jackets !

Ah, let’s start our Prada dreamsss……

Taken from Style