Perfect Malibu House

by gimmegoodstyle

Have you watched Sex and the City movie yet ? The first one, the one that took me almost 3 hours to finish. The story is fabulous, of course, and the clothes are just stylish and hip -at that time. But, one scene (or a few scenes) that becomes my most favorite is the one where Samantha shows her new ‘home’ in Los Angeles, right on the beach where sea is a boring view and handsome neighbor is the more interesting one.

I want it (The house, I mean). I like the white interior, all those modern design and I begin to wonder, can I live in this kind of place ? Am I asking too much ?

Probably, yes.

But, dreaming is more than allowed in this blog.

Anyway, I was looking for the house (hopeful with doggy eyes), when I stumbled into this one. Designed and developed by Owen Dalton Masterbuilder77, the house looks simple yet amazing, mostly because it is located on the shores of Pacific Ocean or you can call it Malibu.

The interior is simple, but I fall in love with it at the first sight. The wooden panels and the couches (I am a couch mania) really get me. I loveeee them. One problem, how can I afford the house ? Rob some banks sound like a good idea, but I need a partner like Jason Statham or Sylvester Stallone (okaaayyyy, Liam Hemsworth can come and give it a try too, if he isn’t really busy with Miley and their wedding).

Howww ?

Taken from Fresh Home