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by gimmegoodstyle

beanie new york

Remember when I told you that beanie is the next big thing in fashion (lying, I was telling you that beanie is lovely) ? My prediction came true when Man Repeller decided to write a post about it, and as we know it, when Man Repeller write something it’s usually the truth.

(Not to mention that she has more followers than me. A lot more.)

Anyway, beanie is trending and I am sure some fashionistas will come out with ideas about how to wear it in high-fashion-style and not-so-fashionistas (more like fashion victims) are going to find a way to buy cheap yet stylish ones. And for me, I want to enjoy the victorious feeling that I have because of my 100 percents correct prediction.

Call me STYLE the fashion prophet.

*evil laugh*

Taken from Jak and Jil