Juice Cleanse ?

by gimmegoodstyle

2013-02-26 10:09:25 +00001

Everyone has been talking about cleaning their livers with juices. And I thought it was only possible in movies, where people only have to eat some liquids and voila ! They’re full and slim at the same time. Very chic.

Well, looks like we’re finally able to keep up with the future. Juice cleanse technology is here and it helps you to detoxify some of your nasty ‘fats’ and poisonous chemicals in your stomach. Ugh, just thinking about it make me feel like I am rolling in the mud, like a big, pink, chinese pig. Nasty, fat, unhealthy. Call me all you want.

But, even though the idea of having some tasty juices cleaning my liver is tempting, I can’t help but wondering; Is it worth the price ? The real price, the one that has a lot of numbers after dollar sign, and moral price (which is much more expensive), to make your body clean with juice you have to go through several steps of diets which means no burger from Carls Jr or Burger King, no more delivery pizzas from Dominos, and NO ice cream-weekend-party (bye bye Baskin Robin).

That’s a lot, kid.

Anyway, I am not having juice cleanse for now, maybe later, when they found replacement for kale, celery, and other ‘greens’ that aren’t very green in my stomach. I get tempted with coconut mixed with almond juice though, they sound very tasty. Hmm…. maybe I can have them for lunch tomorrow ? Just one bottle for fun ? Who knows ?