On the Carpet : Oscar Best Dressed 2013

by gimmegoodstyle

amanda seyfried alexander mcqueen

Oscar moments are one of biggest moments in Hollywood.

It’s even bigger than the Golden Globes or Grammys. I don’t know why, but Oscar looks much more important than other awards shows. Probably because it’s the time when people from the most glamorous industry come into one place, trying to look good and talk about good things while we, mere people, can only staring -and drooling- at their lifestyles.

Now, I don’t really care about the winners (sorry Hathaway, Lawrence) or the presenters (not now, fellas). One thing that matters the most is the gowns. The red carpet section. It’s the only time, when the stars starting to reveal their choices good or bad. And we are saying ‘uuhh’ and ‘oohhh’ and ‘cute’ or  ‘ugly !’

Believe it or not, we are the most judgmental species in the whole universe.

(But, who doesn’t like to critic Hollywood stars ?)

Taken from Vogue