Rochas Fall 2013

by gimmegoodstyle


Soft color seems like a one hit wonder in fashion industry, but that doesn’t stop designers to use the color in the collection. I have to say I like to be a soft person sometimes and I was in the mood for it when I saw Rochas Fall 2013 show. The collection is quite interesting, given the fact that most of designers choose to go to the ‘dark side’ this fall, Rochas still like to give more colors and play with soft tones.

It’s like staring into marshmallow. Soft, puffy and delicious.

Even though Rochas managed to put quite a good and satisfying collection, there are some pieces that make me ached with agony. I mean, super huge coat with no lining that makes your body looks more like balloon than human is not the best outfit to wear for a night out, right ? It’s quite a shame though, those pieces hide soo much potential but I feel like they’re not interesting. Undone seems like a good word to describe those pieces.

But, overall, this is a good show. Everything feels really light and beautiful (except those coats and some hideous pieces I can’t tell). The soft palettes give extra points for the collection. I love the camel hair and fake mink (yeah, you hear that PETA. F-A-K-E).

Will Rochas be able to snatch some money out from your purses this season?

Taken from Style