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Month: March, 2013


STYLE Loves: Fendi Sunglasses

fendi sunglass

Okay… I love whatever Karl designs and you can call me guilty because of that.

Oh, come on, I even like Chanel gigantic hula-hoop bag. Pathetic. I am officially a victim of Karl Lagerfeld’s fashion charm including his latest creation from Fendi.  The collection is really ‘fall’ I know, but as I once told you (and I will tell you again) I am totally a victim.

But please please please… tell me who doesn’t love to wear/adore this sunglass? It’s too chic and too ‘Karl’ not to wear. Eh…you understand what I mean right?

Taken from Style Bubble

Scary Eyes


Eyes are the windows to your soul. At least, that’s what wise people like to say and I won’t say that I am wise. I am more like an evil than an angel. I hope that evilness doesn’t show in my eyes. Ugh. I will never get a job if people can see that deep.

Okay, back to the point, not only the windows of soul, eyes are also the windows of style and impression. Trust me, if you’re going to an interview, the interviewer will always try to look right in your eyes then he/she will start analyzing your clothes, movements and back into your eyes. You talk, he/she stares and BAM! You get a phone call telling you that you’re in or out.

That’s why eyes are really important.

Now, time to discuss some serious matters… what are you usually do with your eyes? I mean, do you put contact lens? Do you put some make ups or mascara or eye liners? If you do then good, you’re already aware of the potentials of the eyes. If you haven’t, well, don’t panic because I have the most perfect solutions to make you turn from ‘plain eyes’ to ‘great eyes’.

The answer is….


Okay, maybe you’re thinking that it’s too extreme, but nothing feels too extreme in fashion or too strange. Hello…? This is the industry where misfits (in a good way) and creative people with different styles work. Goth is more than acceptable and normal. Oh, and you can always get people’s attentions which mean more chances to meet good soul. And good physics.

First, goth is not cat eye. Apply more black and put more scary stares (not whining). That will help and if you are not really into punk, but want to try this style, well, don’t wear anything that comes with skulls and apocalypses and strange words and black t-shirts that look more ‘trashy’ than rocker. Nope. Wear usual clothes with denim or leather jacket (Balenciaga? Alexander Wang? Isabel Marrant?)

You’ll look like a supermodel off-duty.

Sometimes windows can lie to, don’t they?

Taken from Jak and Jil


2013-03-30 16:11:41 +00001

Happy Easter!

It’s nice to have a long week end once in a while, isn’t it? I, myself, had a great time so far including babysitting my little cousins and dealing with nasty company and empty talks like ‘how’s the weather lately’ or ‘I think design is not right for you’ or shits like that. Ah, I have such a relaxing time.

Anyway, how’s your holiday?

Did you hunt some easter eggs and filled it with chocolate?

(Ohh…how I love easter eggs especially the ones that chocolate shops sell during the holiday and all you have to do is prepare your credit cards because, even though they’re really pricey, the chocolate is just too heavenly to resist!)

Did you go to church and sang one or two songs and prayed a bit?

Well, whatever you did -and will do- I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Advices:choose your company wisely, avoid cocky people, avoid people who laugh really hard, avoid people who always try to teach you useless tricks in life and avoid lava cakes or Jelly-O (they’re nasty and leave tons of dirts in your clothes). And avoid avoid avoid… wailing children!

Ah, and may God will always bless your days.


Fur Fur Fur Fuuurrr


I remember when I visited Hong Kong for the first time, it was almost winter and the weather was changing from humid to cool to almost hot. I was walking and day-dreaming in Seibu (a department store that almost looks like Barneys), suddenly I spotted a giant fur scarves. It is brown with a bit black shades and huge enough to cover my face or (if I have to) become an emergency blanket. The texture is so soft and I kept holding myself not to burry my face inside it. Ah, that’s one of my best fashion moments.

Years later, I am glad that I don’t become a fur addict or a anti-fur activist. I still think wearing fur is as luxurious and exciting as the ‘Hong Kong’ experience, but I also realize the un-suitableness and the danger fur contains. Do you know how much animals it take to make a fur scarves or coats? The amount surprises me and sends chills through my backbones. How dare people kill a dozen cute beavers only to make one scarf!

But those feelings are totally wiped out by fashion weeks and designers fur coats and that moment. Again.


Debates are still raging about fur usages. Some love wearing fur as main materials, some totally mad about wearing fur as ‘mere’ clothes, and some are giving reasonable excuses and keep using fur (even though not as much as type one) as clothes materials. Hmm, which side do I have to choose? Which side that you choose? Will this finger pointing and debates over? When? How?

What should we do about furs?

Taken from The Sartorialist

Geek of the Day: Ludo


I have once said that graffiti can be a meaningless piece of art. Well, I still stick with my opinion, but I will soften it by saying that graffiti is also the perfect way to communicate and sending important message for people to see. I remember watching street artists gather near the presidential office buildings and started to make graffitis about corruption, sexual abuses, etc and they got a hell lot of supporters. Plus, they succeed on re-coloring all over the buildings’ fences and highway fondations. Not the best examples, but the point is the same.

In this case, I will have to congratulate Ludo because this street artist picks one of the most common theme available, global warming and nature-in-danger, and make beautiful graffitis all over Paris.

The graffitis are simple in term of techniques and size (compared to other gigantic  graffitis all over the world), but the simplicity itself gives me chills. It’s really easy to understand his point of view about nature and humans. Like a blooming flowers that looks like machine and ‘skull’ cherries. Don’t tell me that you don’t understand.

Please don’t.

After seeing those arts I suddenly realized that street arts have their own moralities and messages. Some of them are smart enough to easily send the messages, but the rest of them need more ‘practices’ and ‘softer’ ways to express the messages. Well, all I can say is keep graffiti-ing and try as hard as possible not to get caught by the police, okay? If you’re busted, well you can always send sos message to your fans. I will be the first one to response. Promise!

Taken from Unurth

Charlize Theron In US Vogue December 2011


Charlize Theron looks like a mermaid or sea goddess in US Vogue December 2011 issue, photographed by Annie Leibovitz and styled by Camilla Nickerson.

It’s an Annie’s typical to make a story-editorial, she doesn’t show the clothes or the beauty in the person (and we know how beautiful Theron is), she always shows the story. The essence of the editorial. A fairy tale that suddenly turns into fashion, high fashion to be exact. And she just happened to be there and shoot it, then voila!

It is on Vogue.

Taken from Fashiontography

Creme de la Creme

Nude and creme or any color that comes close to them is one of my favorites and one of my favorite enemies, maybe because my skin has the same complexion (mine is a bit yellowy though). And it’s a shame that I don’t talk about it very often. I was afraid that you’ll be bored because nude is everywhere. On the red carpet celebrities wear nude colors and creme like crazy, same case on the street and on the runway and on the magazine and on the billboard and on the stores and…yeah, you got the point.

Blame Chloe and Celine who succeed making creme became a national color of whatever.

Anyway, here I am writing about a color that I hate and love at the same time. I mean, after I think about it for some minutes. Creme is a horrible color to wear. Too pale and too ‘safe’. Pff… nothing fun about it. How about maroon or yellow or neon or lime? They’re bolder and more challenging to wear.

But then the word ‘creme’ stucks in my head and it grows into a sentence; I know you like nude/creme color, don’t you? Admit it…admit it…admit it!


This post is become a little bit frustrating and annoying. Huh. What do you think guys?

Creme de la creme or no creme at all?

Taken from The Sartorialist


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