by gimmegoodstyle


I always adore hair colors, especially the natural ones, maybe because I am bored with black. My black hair to be exact. I once thought that my hair probably isn’t black, maybe it’s dark brown or something close like that. No such luck. It’s black.

Being a black head isn’t always bad, but I want to have more challenging hair colors. I want it so bad, I always tempted to go to a barber shop and ask them to color my head into green or brown or blond or ombre. Anything but black. But, again, no such luck. My mom would kill me if she know this secret ambition.

Anyway, I adore those who have hair colors, you guys get soo much compliment like; sweet blondie, tempting red, Katy Perry’s ombre hair (sounds like a joke, but my friends used to say something like that). Well, black has a short list of appreciation. In fact, I never get a compliment for my hair.

Before this post gets too long -and dramatic, I just want to say that I really adore red hair (reminds me of Alice in the Wonderland and all those adult-fiction movies with gypsies and magicians. Just cool) and all those colors except BLACK!

Taken from Garance Dore