Oops, I Did It Again !

by gimmegoodstyle


The cruelest thing that can happen to a blogger is loosing all of his data when his computer decided to crash. Without even a sign. God knows why.

I was writing (fine, blogging) about Lanvin show, the battery was low so I decided to plug in the charger and then, voila ! It stops working. The charger doesn’t give me it’s little green light and my MacBook seems fine with it.

Crap crap crap !!

I was in panic and it was 12 o’clock in the middle of the night, I was studying Biology and I had an exam to face tomorrow. Shit. This happened last year and I had to pay A LOT of money to get it right, not to mention that there’s only one Apple Service in my town and it takes 30 minutes to go there by motorcycle. Bah ! Anyway, I tried to recover it (screaming and curling and yelling), but it was useless. My laptop shut down and I stuck with broken charger, battery-less laptop and tons of fashion week pictures inside it. Frustrated.

This afternoon I went to an Apple Store and asked them how much the new charger is and he answered that it’s around Rp 850.000,00 (around US$ 85) and I was a bit shocked by the price.

Ah, what a damn world.

I decided to ask another stores and they give different prices with more confusing details. More frustrated. Well, tonight I decided that I WILL buy that damn charger because I need it. I need my Mac. I am one of those geeks who cannot live without their laptops around and I have to write something on my blog (lame excuse, I know). My sister’s laptop is super sucks and really old. It doesn’t even have a proper video player.

Ugh, a lot of money will be gone by tomorrow.

P.S : I know the collage isn’t the best one, but that is the best I can do with my sister’s cranky laptop. Ah, I miss my Mac!