JG Melons’ Burger

by gimmegoodstyle

What a classic Sunday that should be perfected with some burgers. Classic ones.

The problem is, looks like there isn’t a proper burger in Indonesia. Some are too oily (gross) and some are too dry. Some even don’t know what ‘honey mustard’ is. I am a picky when it comes to finding a perfect food, I know it. Anyway, I was browsing the internet like usual when I found out that somewhere over the rainbow, there is a place called JG Melons’ that sells… guess what…. BURGERS ! And they look gigantic with beef that huge. Seriously, that beef looks really huge, man! And cut out potatoes with classic cold Coke. Heaven is here….

Must. Go. There. Immediately.

P.S : This post is for Felicia Fangdinata, who always begs me for a food post. Bam ! There you go girl !

Taken from Luxirare

JG Melons' burger luxirare.com