Lanvin Fall 2013

by gimmegoodstyle

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Ah, Lanvin collection always look a bit laid back but elegant. More girly than anyone else yet very mature and ‘dark’. It’s like when you stare right in the middle of a coin, you know that there are two different sides, but you can’t really see them clearly. You just know it and see a fraction of each side.

That’s how Lanvin collection works in my head.

This season is no different, the models look grim and shadowy while the clothes look very feminine and fun to style (yeah, strange description words). Anyway, the most interesting part is the necklaces. They’re shaped like words from ‘Happy’ to ‘Help’. I don’t really like the ‘Help’ ones, reminds me of some scary, cheap horror movies, wehre the killers always wear old jumpsuits and Halloween masks. writes that this collection indicates teenage and their lives, which is very make sense, but I see more young, sophisticated women in the collection. Based on the clothes that the models wear, they scream elegance and matureness louder than any collections I’ve seen so far.

I guess I just have the ‘coin’ moment for awhile. I can see the teenage problems and the way they think, but I can also see deeper meaning and problems from the collection. The dark side. Okay, I am being a little bit dramatic. And creepy. Ugh.

Regardless of the meanings and point-of-view and clothes descriptions blah blah blah, this is a great collection. Love it and will suggest everyone that I know to wear it. Lanvin, I am ready to be your new brand ambassador.

Taken from Style