Christian Dior Fall 2013

by gimmegoodstyle


It’s amazing to watch Dior slowly evolving into very different brand.

The house seems to has let go the former designer’s glory and focus itself into the new one, Raf Simons. This season, Raf threw us back into a mystical world of clouds and skies, complete with the sky-painted runway (ah, looks a bit like very-fake-blue-sky at Venetian Hotel) and cloud-like steel statues.

The dresses, coats, and tops are pieces of art. I mean it. There are a bit twists here and there, creating a beautiful asymmetrical collection. I instantly love it. Even though the dresses don’t have couture quality like I’ve seen at Couture Week, the simplicity and its’ clean cuts have win me over. They successfully convinced me that this is not just ‘simple’ dresses.

Those are expensive handmade creations that you can wear anywhere, anytime, and people will bow their heads, when they see you. Confidence is in the house, people.

Of course Dior show isn’t only about the clothes, it’s also about the atmosphere and that rare magical moment you can feel when the show is happening. I feel those vibes from the pictures which prove that Raf has successfully master the ‘art of making dreams’. I can imagine my body being lifted up into the heaven and watch the collection from there. Ah, a short moment in heaven sounds like a good description of the show.

What do you think ?

Taken from Style