Diamond Dust

by gimmegoodstyle

pancake styleslicker.com

Breakfast is the most important meal, and it would be bad for you to skip some morning rituals with your families or room-mates, or just missing opportunity to heal from last night’s hangover (try to drink a bit Bloody Marry or espresso !)

I have to say that I am not a morning person. For me, breakfast can be a piece of bread with cheese, fried rice (Indonesian people cook the best fried rice so far), soto (google it), or anything.

I even skip breakfast simply because I am not feeling hungry yet.

But, I would gladly sit down in the early morning and wait patiently to get into this restaurant called The Wolseley. They have this concept to let people dine with jewelries and some pretty diamonds. What a good way to boost appetite. It’s like pretending to be some old Upper East Side ladies (emm, British version I guess).

Chatting, some good gossips, social classes, elegant (but boring) clothes, lack of adventure yet very very rich. Oh, and some old husbands to divorce. Even though I am not sure if old ladies from Upper East eat pancakes, maybe they want something more ‘sparkling’ or ‘organic’.

Taken from Park and Cube

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