Maison Martin Margiela Hair-Strap

by gimmegoodstyle


Maison Martin Margiela is an expert when it comes to designing something radical or just crazy.

Some of the trends work, leaving the brand to be one of the most famous and prestigious in the industry. But, there are also some trends that I don’t really understand. Remember last season, when they made those hideous masks and recycled dresses ? Genius at first sight, crazy at second sight, and totally unwearable at third -and final- sight.

This season they surprise the bloggers and fashionistas by showing the latest hair-trend; hair-strap. The straps are attached on the back of the clothes, you can simply slip your hairs into it and you’ll have a perfect hair-strap style. I don’t know what to say, but I am totally not buying it.

Don’t you think that hair should be all wavy and glistening ? You know, like those super models on the commercials. This trends make the hairs look soo… boring. and what about the ones that don’t have enough hair to be strapped ? They’ll look ridiculous !

Now, what do you think ?

Yay or Nay ? Hot or Not ? In or Out ?

Tell !

Taken from Style Bubble

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