STYLE Loves : Camera Straps

by gimmegoodstyle


It’s funny that I write 2 strap-related posts today. Rare occasion, but I can’t help myself for wanting this super cute camera straps. I mean, who wants to wear classic, old, boring Nikon or Canon straps anymore ? Hello, fashionistas are here and they want something more fashionable to match with their clothes.

I guess that’s why Sarah Frances Kuhn and Meredith Wendell (google them !) design these super lovely straps. The idea of making colorful straps had been in my head since I start craving for DSLR, but I am never good at DIY-ing -or designing or sewing or anything that comes with glues and scissors.

Well, looks like these girls have the same idea and I have to thank them.

Anyway, the straps come in different colors and sizes and you can put it on your digital camera or mirrorless camera or your bulky DSLR. They fit everywhere ! The only problem is…. I haven’t buy any camera yet. Ugh.

Taken from Style Bubble