Alexander McQueen Fall 2013

by gimmegoodstyle


It’s amazed me, the fact that Sarah Burton is in her last months of pregnancy yet she still managed to make an amazing collection this season for Alexander McQueen.

Even though the collection only consists of 10 looks and 5 styles, Burton still showed some proficiency in making volume gowns, highly decorated dresses and crazy accessories (head cage, this season), wich are McQueen’s body and soul.

The rumors said that Burton was referring to British Church, which is in shocked after the pedofilia incident and a bit old politic maneuver here and there. Anyway, it is not clear wether Burton is against it, supporting the Church, or simply inspired by the event.

Whatever it is, I still love the collection and hope that she can do more… different collection next season. I like volumes, but seeing volumes and sequins every single time I checked McQueen’s shows sounds a bit boring for me. Just saying.

Happy pregnant Sarah and I pray for you and your babies !

Taken from Style

P.S : That head cage is marvelous !  Not as wearable as visor (since when visor is wearable ?), but as adorable.

Do you want to try it ?