Brunch at Tokio Kitchen

by gimmegoodstyle


‘I never eat any sushi.’

My friend, Felicia, told me one day in the middle of our class.

I am shocked. Really.

I can’t imagine there are people who have never tasted this beautiful cuisine! I mean, with soo much publications, reviews and restaurants; sushi is one of the most well-known foods in the world, at least, in Jakarta.

Felicia has a good reason though, she is afraid to eat something raw and sushi is very familiar with ‘raw’, ‘fish’ and ‘seaweed’ words. But, it is not a problem because, with westren and Indonesian influences, sushi is very different than what it used to be. It has abandoned the old ‘raw’ tradition and become something more… cooked and tastier.

A grilled salmon with mayo sushi is not a weird thing in Indonesia, we like to ‘re-decorate’ things in order to make it ‘our style’. I am sorry Japanese, but your sushi is back with very different manner.

That’s why we stumbled in Tokio Kitchen this afternoon, trying to choose a proper ‘rookie’ sushi with reasonable price. I have to be honest, Tokio is never my favorite restaurant. I love the decoration and the service is excellent, but the foods are limited and they’re quite pricey.

We decided to try each menu from different stales and pay them together.

Ah, blessed the Lord….

The Sushi

I decided to try classic Dragon Roll, sushi roll with fried prawns (known as tempura) and unagi (grilled eel) on the top of beautifully arranged sushi, you can ask for free mayo if you want. My friend ordered spicy salmon roll, but she asked for the mild one (yeah, spicy salmon but not spicy at all. Weirdo).

The order came in right away and I was excited to see that my Dragon Roll looks promising, the salmon on the other hand looks a bit small. When I tasted them, I didn’t even have to think. The champion is the Dragon Roll. The salmon tastes very weak and standard, a bit unoriginal. But, the dragon tastes stronger with grilled eel and fried tempura inside. Crunchy yet still tasty with a little bit avocado tastes.

The good news is; Felicia liked the sushi, she wanted to order more and my friend (Salmon girl) insisted on something raw. I was afraid that my stomach couldn’t handle it because I have a long list of foods that can cause me a stomachache. Un-fresh sushi is one of them.

I tested my luck though. We ordered cheesy salmon roll (salmon sushi with cream cheese as the dressing) and I think it isn’t as raw as it looks. The salmon looks very small, covered deeply in cream cheese and tastes very… I know, you know it…. sour ! Ugh, felt more like cheese than salmon or sushi. Totally not ordering that thing. Again !

The Ramen

After the sushi experience, my other friend ordered a ramen, curry ramen with katsu (fried chicken breast or pork). The ramen smells better than I thought, it was very thick and filled with vegetables and things like small beef chops and carrots. The noodle is very sticky and it was a good thing we share it because I doubt that we can finish it alone if we ordered one bowl for each person.

The portion is quite big, the ramen tastes very strong, but not spicy. I love the curry sensation, but I felt really sick after eating soo much curry soup and decided that I will try the miso one next time.

This is a good, satisfying and stomach-fulfilling menu after all, if you can handle it alone.

The Pizza

I was in the mood for pizza and chose to order beef and bacon pizza. I hoped for big and tasty pizza because the name is very attractive, but the only thing I got was this small, handmade dough, with very standard toppings.

Wehere is the bacon ? Where is the beef ?

Ah, and it tastes as standard as it can with the dough being so… I don’t know, too chewy for my taste. Totally disappointing.



Well, I will say that Tokio is not a really bad restaurant, but it’s not a good one either. If you want to talk and have a good time together with your friends then this is a good place to go. But, if you’re looking for serious food, then you won’t be satisfied.

I had a good time though, and Felicia managed to eat her first sushi (both raw and cooked. Well done !) I am not sure if I’ll ever come back, maybe I will go to Sushi Tei, which is very expensive, but sounds and tastes like a Sushi Heaven compared to Tokio Kitchen.

P.S : Here are the decorations and the drink. We chose to drink Lychee Tea, which is just delicious with a hint of soda and right amount of sweetness.