Chanel Fall 2013

by gimmegoodstyle


The globe was standing in the middle of the runway, glimmering with tiny yellow lights.

The Chanel show was anything but down to earth. I agree with Karl Lagerfeld. It has the classic styles Chanel is so proud of, but Karl managed to put some ‘high street’ in it, transforming the whole collection into something more wearable and up to date. I guess, that’s why Chanel is sooo… popular among Hollywood’s teen stars.

But, again, Chanel isn’t the simple type when it comes to fashion show or party. Karl always picks something unimaginable, a hidden beauty. And he is able to transform it to a theme, injected the theme into the collection. The result is; breathless. High fashion spirit detected.

This season he brought a giant globe that showed the earth at night. The clothes are dark and simple too, although he put some flower patterns and monochrome prints near the end of the show and blue head-cap on the models’ heads. There are some pieces that I am not really like, too young or not really adorable. But, this is what you can expect for more than 70 looks collection. Seriously, this man is a design machine. He is like in the sonic speed when it comes to making collection.

Chanel managed to put some high street back to the fashion stage, without ignoring the brand’s classic luxury and beauty. Hmm, the only thing not ‘street’ is the prices. Again, I quote the designer’s description;

“I’ve got my feet on the ground, but this collection is up-to-earth, not down-to-earth.”

And also the prices….

Taken from Style